Our 5-Step Process for Solving Brand Challenges.

Building a strong foundation is the key to developing successful brand solutions. Our collaborative, five-step process to reveal the most important qualities of your brand or organization, which creates focus and allows us to develop the most effective strategies and execute thought-provoking creative.

Our consistent branding process means we hit the ground running.

One: Diagnose

Conduct a thorough discovery process, including qualitative and/or quantitative research and competitive analysis, to develop a clear understanding of the project’s strategic goals, business objectives, assets, audiences, competition and challenges.

Two: Prescribe

Develop and define the brand strategy and align components—positioning, characteristics, messages and communication applications—that will drive business forward. Establish metrics, define technical specifications and touch point applications.

Three: Visualize

Bridge strategic with tactical by creating a compelling verbal and visual vocabulary to establish an implementable foundation for the brand.

Four: Design and Apply

Demonstrate how the brand will come to life, now and in the future through traditional and digital applications to build a cohesive and engaging presentation wherever it is experienced.

Five: Extend

Continued support, guidance, expansion and validation of the brand to effectively engage new opportunities.