Argus Guides Pharmacyclics through Rebranding and Web Development

Branding is as essential for pharma companies today is it is for any consumer product, creating clarity on vision and brand meaning for each stakeholder group:  patients, current and future employees, doctors, opinion-makers and advocacy groups.  Pharmacyclics, an AbbVie Company, engaged Argus to guide them through corporate brand development, to modernize and clarify their communications and implement a new website as the primary vehicle for doing so.

Websites allow stakeholders to access information in ways that appeal to their self-interests, giving the opportunity to speak to each in a language they understand. Prior to designing the user interface of the website, Argus developed a content strategy and site map which guided specific communication areas in a clear and concrete way.

Pharmacyclics launched the new website with Argus to clearly present the great work Pharmacyclics is doing to alleviate patient suffering and align with, “Striving to Bring Back the Magic of Normal,” the essence of the Company’s stated purpose.  Pharmacyclics, an AbbVie Company in Silicon Valley, California developing and commercializing small-molecule medicines for the treatment of cancers and immune-mediated diseases for which there is a great unmet medical need. Pharmacyclics’ charge is to discover breakthrough cancer and other disease therapies to improve standards of care and strive to help patients rediscover the “Magic of Normal.” The company’s mission will be achieved when disease no longer defines the everyday for patients and their families.

Argus’ brand work extends beyond the website to include corporate standards, an image library, patient videos, employee gifts and campus branding creating consistency and reflecting the corporate culture and unique attributes of the company.

Pharmacyclics’ operating pillars are Patient-—with the objective of attracting the best and brightest visionary contributors in the pharma field who bring a rich diversity of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. In turn, the Company is dedicated to providing them with an environment which allows its employees to do their best work.

“Creating a unifying platform to present a vision to all stakeholders, and illustrate the real world application of a product is essential for branding at this level,” notes Jeff Breidenbach of Argus. “Websites are uniquely capable of doing just that for as organization evolves and grows.”

You can visit the website and, to learn more about the company, its products and its vision.

Since 1996, ARGUS has helped clients bring their brands to life and attract the right audiences through communication strategy, environmental design, targeted collateral and digital products. We focus primarily in the technology, pharmaceutical, real estate development and non-profit markets. For more information, contact Stephanie Wade, (415) 247-2800.

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